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Site Basics

Default is %d %B %Y, see this (parameters section) for more information.
Logo that will appear in the navbar url. If you need to upload one you can do it in the media page.
Setting this to no will require users to confirm their account via email before they will be able to login.
Email address messages from contact form will be sent to.


Data Providers

Select your prefered game information and search providers, if you select database, the application will not try to fetch anything from external sites and will only use your database, this option is best suited if you want to create everything yourself.

API and Social Service Keys

You don't need to provide all the keys, if service key is missing that service will be disabled automatically, or alternative service will be used instead if available.

Social Services

Your social services urls (to be used in the footer).

Referral Links

This will disable the buy now button in the games pages, so if you don't have amazon affiliate id, select yes.


By default this is file, so you can leave it as is or blank if you are not going to use a different caching mechanism.


If set to Draft this will make all news items fetched from external sites not visible to users until you set them to public from dashboard.


Use this to translate month names to your language. Separate each new one with comma (,) and make sure there's 12 and they are in correct order (from january to december).
Select 'Database' if you want to use the web based translator in dashboard or select 'Filesystem' if you instead want to use text editor to translate the files in app/lang/ folder.
Which translations to use, default is "en".


These platforms will appear in filter dropdown on games index pages, separate new ones by comma (,) and use full names, for example Playstation 2 instead of PS2