Fallout 4 Player Creates Iconic Garage Location

Fallout 4 Player Creates Iconic Garage Location

This fan’s tribute to the iconic Fallout 4 garage location is a near-perfect recreation of the workshop from the trailers and the opening credits stocked with all the right items.

Although Fallout 4 may not have as many quests as Skyrim, the game still has enough creative outlets to keep crafty players busy in the wasteland for years. With the combination of mods, item crafting, and base-building tools; players are able to build just about anything in the open-world game. For one Fallout 4 super-fan, the perfect project was a tribute to the iconic garage location from the game’s trailers and opening load screen.

Any player who has ever lingered on the opening screen without “press(ing) any button to start” knows that the garage is an incredibly detailed scene, despite never showing up in the actual game. The garage instead gives players an idea of what their own workshop might look like once they enter the game. The full gun racks, collection of magazines, and assortment of tools around the shop hint at the possibilities that are available in the game. Creative player wselander ran with that scene and does an amazing job recreating it detail for detail in game.

The gallery wselander shared offers side by side comparisons of his creation and the cinematic credits location. Some functionality was impossible to recreate (without the use of some extra mods), but the player comes incredibly close to a perfect tribute. Take a look…

Every corner of the garage seems to be in place, including the meticulously curated magazine rack. Although placing all of the magazines in the right exact same spot seems like it would be a pain, the creator actually explained that it was one of the tasks that took the least amount of time to setup.

Two big missing pieces are the weapons on the gun rack and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. poster that should be hanging over the dresser. The creator did not have the necessary mods in place to incorporate those two pieces when he first built the structure, but the Reddit community has rushed to his help with mod suggestions and ideas. The creator seemed excited about the feedback he has been receiving, so hopefully we’ll see an updated version after he has a chance to install a new more mods and put on the finishing touches.

While other players are busy building giant phallic towers or fully livable homes, this shrine to the game’s marketing and style is one of our favorite creations yet. One of the best things about Fallout 4 is that the only limitation is imagination and it never gets old seeing how crafty this community can get.

What do you think about the Fallout 4 garage tribute? Have you built anything equally cool in the game? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit