Destiny 2: How to Hit Power Level 335 Fast

Destiny 2: How to Hit Power Level 335 Fast

Whenever Bungie releases a new DLC or expansion for Destiny (or Destiny 2), there are a few things that hardcore players must do. They must try to collect every worthwhile piece of gear, including new exotic weapons and armor. They must complete the new endgame activities, like the Eater of Worlds raid lair. And they must hit the power level cap, which was raised to 335 with the release of Curse of Osiris.

But getting to the power level cap in Destiny 2 can be a slow grind if players don’t know where to look. Luckily, we have all the tips on how to get to power level 335 quickly and with minimal effort.

Reach Power Level 310 First

Before players want to invest in increasing their power level they should farm legendary or rare engrams. The new soft cap for rare and legendary engrams is 305 (or 310 with mods) so it is best to hit that mark before using all of the methods listed below. And keep in mind all of these power level increasing methods can be used once per week per character. Some have a limit if you have multiple characters of the same class, but if you have different characters then everything will scale to that character’s highest potential power level.

Weekly Milestones and Powerful Rewards

Destiny 2 world's fastest nightfall strike The Arms dealer

Milestones will always be the key to higher level gear since they reward Powerful Engrams. These engrams will always scale above a player’s current power level, usually by a margin of about 5 power levels. In total, there are 5 Milestones (not counting the raid one listed below) to complete every week that will guarantee those Powerful Rewards:

  • Flashpoint
  • Complete 3 Heroic Strikes
  • Call to Arms
  • Clan XP Contribution
  • Nightfall Strike

Nightfall Strike Loot Drop

In addition to the Nightfall Strike Powerful Reward, completion of the strike (on any character) will also drop a piece of gear that scales with the player’s power level. What’s great about this is that gear drop scales on a second or third character of the same class, so it is worth doing the Nightfall Strike even if you have 3 Warlocks, for example. You can also get an additional loot drop from completing the Prestige Nightfall Strike, but keep in mind the new recommended power level for the strike is 330.

Raid Rewards

Every drop from the raid and the raid lair – if you are lucky to get a drop – will scale with the player’s power level. In total, there are 3 sub encounters in the Leviathan raid and 1 sub encounter in the Eater of Worlds raid lair. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, there is no guarantee that the encounter will drop a piece of loot. If you are lucky enough to get a drop, though, it should be a boost in power level.

destiny 2 leviathan raid glitch

There is also a guaranteed raid drop from Leviathan if the fireteam completes the raid challenge for the week. You can also complete the challenge on Prestige difficulty for an extra guarantee drop, but keep in mind the extra Prestige raid mechanics and that the drops will all be armor.

Raid Chest Engrams

There are three chests in the Destiny 2 raids that don’t require much effort at all to acquire and they all drop a scaling legendary engram. Opening the first encounter in the Leviathan raid will spawn a chest that includes a scaling engram, and getting through the reactor platforming puzzle in Eater of Worlds spawns a similar chest. There is also a secret chest in the Eater of Worlds that is really easy to get and offers a scaling engram.

Also, if your team is strong enough you can open the first encounter of the Prestige Leviathan raid and get another scaling engram. But keep in mind that the fight is a lot tougher than on normal difficulty.

Final Boss Rewards

The Leviathan boss, Calus, and the Eater of Worlds boss, Argos, are a different story than the sub encounters. Completing these boss fights guarantees a loot drop and this piece of gear typically drops at 330 if players are above 315. This can be a huge boost to the power leveling process so we highly recommend completing the raid as early as possible and on as many characters as possible.

destiny 2 raid lair boss protection

Exotic Engrams

Exotic engrams will always scale with a player’s power level, but getting them can be a challenge. Luckily, Xur is coming this weekend with Three of Coins, which will make the exotic farming process a lot easier.

Infinite Forge Weapons

Although there is no armor to be had, the Infinite Forge does drop scaling weapons that can help players boost their power level. Typically, there are three Lost Prophecy verses available per week and those can be used to forge a weapon at Mercury’s Lighthouse. Whether you are just looking for a placeholder boost or something to infuse into your favorite PvE or PvP weapon, the Infinite Forge weapon can be a great source for higher power level weapons.

Curse of Osiris Mission Rewards

Throughout the Curse of Osiris campaign players will earn engrams that scale with their power level. Ikora Rey will also offer an exotic gauntlet from the Aeon set that will scale as well. Obviously, players are going to rush to complete the story missions in Curse of Osiris, but these rewards can be beneficial for leveling up.

destiny 2 curse of osiris vex weapons

And when players do finish the main Curse of Osiris campaign they will be offered a piece from the new armor set. This final offering can be a great way to boost a player’s power level, since they can choose based on which armor piece is their lowest power level. Then, if you have a second playthrough, you can go for a different armor piece that is “holding you back.”

If players are smart about when they spend their Powerful Rewards and when they complete certain activities, they should be close to power level 335 within a week. And all that will be left is a little clean up with the next week’s Milestones. Then once you hit the power level cap, you can work on farming Masterwork Weapons for the optimal loadout.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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